Dr. Josh Kruse & Associates

We are passionate about strengthening relationships, supporting and guiding people in their struggles, and resourcing church and parachurch organizations. Our team of highly skilled, dedicated and caring counsellors are here to provide a safe place to be understood and experience change.

We provide Virtual Counselling throughout British Columbia, Canada.

We provide Consultation services to churches and parachurch organizations internationally.

Counselling Services

We offer Virtual Counselling throughout British Columbia, Canada.

  • Individual Adult and Adolescent Counselling
  • Couple Counselling
  • Family Counselling


Our team is passionate about not only teaching well-researched material, but also guiding participants in applying the information to their life. Their workshops are designed to not only impact you while you are there, but beyond as well.

“There is no greater honour than to be trusted with a client’s story and to be part of the change in their life.”

Dr. Josh Kruse

We look forward to connecting with you