We are passionate about strengthening relationships, supporting and guiding people in their struggles, and resourcing church and parachurch organizations. Our team of highly skilled, dedicated and caring counsellors are here to provide a safe place to be understood and experience change.

What is Therapy?

Therapy is a conversation with a trained professional to explore your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and beliefs. Therapists use clinically-proven techniques, such as Emotion-Focused Therapy, to take care of your mental and emotional health. Beginning therapy is a big step in becoming the healthiest version of yourself. With the support of a trained therapist, therapy can be a place where you develop tools to help you navigate a broad range of situations and life stressors. A therapist will help you understand your own mind. They will help you identify the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that help shape your life. They will listen to you and help you figure out what is working and what is not. They will help you develop tools and strategies to help you make positive changes in your life.

Therapy really does work! Scientific studies consistently show that talk therapy really does help clients achieve their goals. It teaches you skills that leave you with long terms healthy coping strategies to apply to the ups and down life brings your way.

Therapy isn’t just for severe mental health issues. Therapy is for anybody and can help you any time you are working through behavioural or emotional issues. If you look at therapy as preventative care mindset you can catch negative trends in your emotional well being before they escalate into bigger problems.

Here are some situations when you might consider therapy:

  • When your thoughts, feeling and behaviours hold you back from living a normal life (eg. when you aren’t sleeping or when you aren’t participating the the activities you normally like doing).
  • When you are having trouble processing something in your life.
  • When you could use an unbiased, confidential person to talk to.
  • When you feel stuck.
  • When you feel overwhelmed.
  • When you are anticipating, or currently going through, a major life transition.
  • When you experienced a trauma.
  • When you would like help navigating a difficult relationship or family dynamics.
  • When you feel a disproportionate amount of rage, anger or resentment.
  • When you are losing hope and feel like you don’t have a future.