Our team has equipped and supported many churches and parachurch organizations. We’d love to support you too!  We’ve spoken on a wide array of topics. We would love to connect with you to look into catering a workshop to fit your needs. 

Created for Connection (Hold Me Tight® for Christian Couples)
Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love

Marriage Workshop (14 hours)

  • Best done in a weekend (Friday evening, all day Saturday, Sunday morning or afternoon)

“This was super powerful, my partner and I would love to recommend this to other couples”

Created for Connection Participant

In Created for Connection, you will be taught and will get to experience a groundbreaking and remarkably successful program for creating stronger, more secure relationships not only between partners, but between us and God. This workshop will have a Christian influence, yet we welcome people of all world-views.

• Would you like to feel closer to your partner?
• Are you tired of arguments that never get resolved?
• Do you ever wonder what your partner really feels?
• Do you sometimes have trouble expressing how you really feel to your partner?
• Do you want to learn a positive approach to strengthening your relationship?

“My partner and I were stuck a few times in the conversations and we found that the counselors were very helpful; bringing new perspectives, calming tones, and helping us take a breath and know that we are not alone, crazy or without options.”

Created for Connection Participant

During this event you and your partner will:

• Learn about the science of love and attachment
• Learn how to identify and correct negative cycles of couple interaction
• Learn how to become more open and responsive with one another
• Learn how to fix relational mistakes and create a secure base
• Learn to bond through sex and touch
• Develop your plan as a couple to keep your love alive

Each of the seven sessions in the workshop will include:

• Teaching of the theory and practice of love and the conversation
• Video clips of real couples having the conversation
• Private couple exercises
• Group discussion about the impact of the exercises
• Consultation with an experienced couple’s therapist
• Homework assignments

If you are interested in hosting a workshop at your church or organization and/or want to be on the notification list for the next round we host email

“Thank you for the investment of your time and expertise to bless others and enrich their lives.”

Created for Connection Participant

Date Night for Couples (1.5-2 hours)

Developing Spiritual, Emotional, and Sexual Intimacy

    Couples Retreat Weekend (4 sessions)

    Friday evening 1 hour session, 2 Saturday sessions 1.5 hours each, 1 Sunday morning session 1.5 hours

    Gives couples a chance to get away, spend time together, learn how to lean on God and improve their communication and connection

    Workshop Topics

    Recovering From and Preventing Burnout (1-5 hours)

    Boundaries for Ministry Leaders (1-2 hours)

    Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (1-2 hours)

    Practical Tools for Mental Health (1-2 hours)

    How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety (1-1.5 hours)

    Hope in Depression (1-1.5 hours)

    Understanding Mental Health (1-1.5 hours)

    Unity in the Church (1-2 hours)

    Preventing Staff Conflict (1 hour)

    Doing Conflict Well (1-2 hours)

    Helping Parents Engage Their Teens (1-1.5 hours)

    Shepherding Well (1-2 hours)